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Anyone creating content who wants their audience to have another way to consume it and reach new audiences.

Often publishers like news sites and magazines integrate Lisyn so they can offer audio content and earn money through advertising.

Brands who create a lot of content for their marketing might want to reach new audiences and have an option to listen to their content for those who prefer to consume content in audio form.

Well, one of the great things about Lisyn is that we don’t use robo voices the synthesis the content.  We use real people and real voices.

Our content is important to our brands and audience.  Tone, inflection and accent all play a role in the experience.  Lisyn helps you create a better audio and consumption experience for your visitors.

Yup, you can also upload your own audio if you don’t want to use our voice talent.

Yes, we provide hosting up to 5 free articles.  if you want to integrate Ads or have more than 5 articles, we offer varying levels of paid plans to fit your needs.

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